Ways to Prevent Account Takeover

Account takeover is becoming a very common thing in most countries. This is a process that involves important information falling into the wrong hands. This means that your information can be used to commit theft and fraud. The underground criminals then end up purchasing these details and information so that they can use it to blackmail the owner. Sadly, the information stolen could be very sensitive to an extent that they may end up causing damage that is likely to last for a very long period time. This article, therefore, highlights some of the methods that can be used to ensure that account takeover has been prevented.

Different phases are involved in the account takeover process. The first phase is the breach, a phase that involves the criminals finding and exploiting some of the websites that are vulnerable. With these passwords, the criminals can have access to your database. Some of the important information that these criminals are able to have access through these breaches is the user’s date of birth and their gender. The second phase involves targeted attacks. At this time, the credentials are considered to be high-value assets. Most of the criminals ensure that the stolen information has been stored until when they are completely able to monetize the stolen data.

After stealing the data, the criminals will then find themselves trusted advisors whose work is to help them decrypt the passwords. Normally, their main target is the high profile victims especially the ones that are very healthy. They use these details to extract money from them through blackmails and extortion. The information is then sold to the criminals who are less sophisticated. The stolen information is now considered to be a commodity at this point.

The credentials are then stuffed. Once the less sophisticated criminals have purchased the information, they try to use the credentials to access other websites. The thieves will use various tools to ensure that this has been achieved. Most of the people tend to use the same passwords for different accounts and this is what makes it easier for the criminals to have access to all the user’s accounts. Most of the criminals are interested in exposing your secrets to the public. Fortunately, there are various methods that can be used to ensure that this has been prevented.

The best way for someone to ensure that account takeover has been prevented is by ensuring that fraud has been prevented in the first place. Avoid the use of previously compromised passwords. The passwords should not be easily guessed. Ensure that you have intervened immediately you have noticed that your count is under attack. In conclusion, you should prevent selling of stolen credentials to underground criminals.

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